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Distribuitor autorizat Reiner, Tusuri

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Distribuitor autorizat Reiner - Inseriatoare, Inseriatoare cu datiera, Codificatoare, Inseriatoare cu placuta de text, Inseriatoare cu placuta de text si data, Datiere, Datiere cu placuta de text, Ticket validator, Stampile cu data si ora, Stampile pentru posta, tusiera, Inseriatoare speciale, Tusuri

Stampile Reiner \ Tusuri

Firma "KORTNER & CO" S.R.L. in calitate de distribuitor autorizat Reiner (stampile si consumabile) va ofera urmatoarele tusuri, marca Reiner.

Tusuri - Oil Based (Metal) Stamp Inks

Distribuitor autorizat Reiner

Suitable for all metal stamps and oil resistant rubber and photopolymer dies. For use on
absorbent paper surfaces. Properties: intense colour, sharp outlines. Storable. Available
in black, red, white, purple, violet, blue and green.
R343 black gives indelible prints.
R 343 black
R 348 red
R 322 violet
R 332 blue
R 333 green
* Firma "KORTNER & CO" este distribuitor autorizat Reiner (stampile si consumabile).

Tusuri - Quick Drying Stamp Inks

Stampile Reiner, Tusuri

Suitable for metal stamps and solvent resistant dies. Used on non-absorbent surfaces, such
as metal, coated papers, plotter prints, tracing paper, many plastics, and foils such as coated
polyethylene (PE). Available in black, red, and white.
R3023 black is light- and weatherproof. Non toxic.
R 2021 black
R 3023 black
* Firma "KORTNER & CO" este distribuitor autorizat Reiner (stampile si consumabile).

Tusuri - Thinner for Quick Drying Inks

Stampila Reiner, Tusuri

Thinner for Quick Drying Inks.
R 2530
* Firma "KORTNER & CO" este distribuitor autorizat Reiner (stampile si consumabile).

Tusuri - Non Machine-Readable Metal Stamp Ink

Distribuitor Reiner, Tusuri

Oilfree Ink, suitable for metal stamps and photopolymer dies (nyloprint).
For use on absorbent paper. This ink (so called 'blind colour') is not readable
by automatic form readers, but may be microfilmed.
R 2647 pink
* Firma "KORTNER & CO" este distribuitor autorizat Reiner (stampile si consumabile).

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